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Handcrafted Excellence

At Aadi Tents, each product is given keen attention to detail while our trained and experienced staff works their magic on handcrafting your customized tents to match your requirements.
As suggested, good things surely take time to fruit, we aspire to achieve the smile on our clients.

Swiss Cottage Tent

Timeless. Graceful. Classy

Swiss Cottage Tents have been an industry favourite 

A Spacious Bedroom, Bathroom and an open Sit-out area for that evening cup-of tea in the pleasant environment 

Lots of Fabric and Patterns to customize from with endless possibilities to make your selection unique

The Khäas

Bold. Luxurious. Magnificent

Befitting a Maharaja, the Khäas provides elegance and luxury 

This magnificent Specimen boasts enough space for a spa, dining room, lavish bedroom and bathrooms along with a living room.

 Providing an experience of a lifetime, the Khäas will surely take your resort to the next level

Relief Tent

Humanitarian Aid Necessity

Family Shelter Tent used by Humanitarian Aid Organizations to provide immediate shelter for the people who lost their homes to war and natural calamities across the world.

Adventure Tent

Veni. Vedi. Vici

Our Adventure Tents always have your back as you explore the world and conquer difficult yet exhilarating terrains in your journeys

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